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Market Connect company is based on an international team of experienced consultants working in the field of export, sales, sourcing, international trade and marketing.


Thomas DumortierManaging Director

Belrey Fibres n.v. Belgium
Market Connect is our partner for business development in Central and Eastern Europe. We appreciate especially professionalism and language skills of its employees. Thanks to Market Connect, we have significantly expanded our client portfolio in this part of Europe.

Carean Europe

SCPL s.a.r.l. Luxembourg
We were looking for a subcontractor to manufacture components for our CAREAN trailers. MARKET CONNECT found companies for us which we have been working with since 2007. We appreciated their maximum efficiency during the research, selection and follow up of our partners.

Ctirad BryolManaging Director

PONAST spol s.r.o. Czech Republic
Thanks to Market Connect, our company has found an important business partner in Belgium who we have been working with long-term. In 2006 Market Connect explored the possibilities of our products in Belgian market, searched out and approached potential business partners, provided assistance in negotiations and in professional training of service technicians subsequently. I definitely recommend cooperation with Market Connect.